LIVE Broadcast of Weekend Mass

In view of recent Pastoral Recommendations with regards to Novel Coronavirus & Influenza A (Covid-A), by the arch/bishops of West Malaysia, the Archdiocesan Social Communications Ministry will hold LIVE Broadcast of Weekend Mass starting from 15th February (Saturday) onwards.

The exempt are identified in Pastoral Recommendations - the sick (those with fever, respiratory symptoms, cough, runny nose or unwell in any way) and the vulnerable are exempted from Sunday obligation.

Details for LIVE Broadcast of Weekend Mass:

When – Every Saturday at 6.00 pm

Please Note
Watching the Mass LIVE via the internet is no substitute for being present personally and does not fulfil Mass obligations. However, this is a means for those who are homebound to be united spiritually with the Church at prayer.

“… those who hear or view these broadcasts should be aware that, under normal circumstances, they do not fulfill the obligation of attending Mass. Visual images can represent reality, but they do not actually reproduce it. (177) While it is most praiseworthy that the elderly and the sick participate in Sunday Mass through radio and television, the same cannot be said of those who think that such broadcasts dispense them from going to church and sharing in the eucharistic assembly in the living Church.”

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