Sept 15: Chancery Notice Extracts


This is an extract from the Chancery Notice on 15th September 2020:

Having received additional information from the Ministry of National Unity on the application of the SOPs issued by the National Security Council (Majlis Keselamatan Negara - MKN) and recommendations from the Archdiocesan Crisis Management Task Force, Most Reverend Julian Leow D.D., the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur has made these additional rulings which will be an update to existing guidelines contained in the Guidelines for Celebrating Sacraments under the RMCO and post-RMCO dated 15th June 2020, the Pastoral Letter dated 11th July 2020 and the Chancery Notice dated 8th September 2020. 

  1. Funerals
    Parishes are to strictly follow the attached updated Guideline for Celebration of Funerals (Appendix H). 

  2. Weddings
    - For Civil registration of marriages before an Assistant Registrar of Marriages, attendance is limited 20 persons and there must be compliance with the MKN SOP on Wedding Ceremonies in Non-Islamic Places of Worship and Religious Associations dated 18th June 2020 (last updated on 1 August 2020);.
    - For marriages (Wedding service, Nuptial Mass, rectification etc) solemnised by a minister of the Church, attendance is limited to the size of the Church/ chapel with social distancing and the parish must comply with the SOP on Reopening of Places of Worship last updated on 4th September 2020 (which is applicable to all other Masses).

    As those attending the ceremony do not necessarily belong to one single parish or area, and may include those who are elderly and below 12 years of age, where it is possible, a pre-registered list of people attending (similar to pre-registration for Sunday masses) should be prepared. Walk-ins are permitted, provided that they scan the MySejahtera QR Code or record their particulars (name, phone number, date and time of arrival) in a registration book.

  3. Use of Church Facilities for Private Function (in-house dining, meal fellowships)
    Although Item 3c of the SOP for reopening Non-Islamic Places of worship last updated on the 4th September 2020 allows meals to be served, the Archdiocese, as a general rule, does not yet permit the distribution of food and in-house dining within the Church premises. This includes coffee mornings and any meal fellowships.

    The Parish Priest, at his discretion, may allow the use of a separate Church Hall for a private function. In the event that such permission is given, the Guidelines for Use of Church Facilities for Private Functions under Appendix N are to be strictly followed.

Rev Fr Michael Chua
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur





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