Sept 28: Chancery Notice Extracts


This is an extract from the Chancery Notice on 28th September 2021 - Resumption and Public Celebration of Sacraments (Negeri Sembilan - Phase 4)

    • 1.0 Transition to Level 2 – Negeri Sembilan (under Phase 4)
      • resumption of public Masses from resumption of public Masses from the 9th of October 2021.
      • total number of persons allowed for each public Mass should not exceed one third of the full capacity of the church. Also apply to weddings and funerals.
      • full vaccination is required.
      • confessions before Mass may resume at the discretion of the Parish Priest.

    • 2.0 Sacrament of Confirmation for Negeri Sembilan
      • the Sacrament of Confirmation may be conferred. 
      • the Mass where this sacrament is conferred should not be one of the public Masses.
      • if the candidates for confirmation have not been fully vaccinated, they should take an approved COVID 19 self-test at least 48 hours before Confession and another test be taken 48 hours before their Confirmation. 

    • 3.0 Infant Baptisms and First Holy Communion
      • infant baptisms and first holy communion (except in the case of an emergency) will remain suspended until further notice.

    • 4.0 Parishes located under Phase 2 and Phase 3 states
    • 5.0 Ventilation
      • the Parish Response Team is to ensure that the venue for such celebration has proper ventilation in accordance with the Archdiocesan Guidelines  and the Guidelines issued by the Department of Public Safety and Health in the Workplace.

    • 6.0 Vaccination Requirement 
      • full vaccination is required for those who wish to attend public Masses in states under Phase 2 and Phase 3. 
      • The Archdiocese also requires that parishes under Phase 4 continue to admit only fully vaccinated individuals in the interim with the exception of Confirmation candidates under item 2.0 above.


Rev Fr Michael Chua
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur


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