Nov 19: Chancery Notice Extracts


This is an extract from the Chancery Notice on 19th November 2021 - Clergy Transfers / Appointments

  • His Grace Most Reverend Julian Leow D.D., the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, has appointed the clergy named in the appendix attached hereto to the various parishes as listed out in the same appendix (below). These appointments will take effect from the 10th of January 2022.

  • Each Parish Priest / Administrator is to contact the Archdiocesan Finance Committee to make arrangements for a financial handover to the incoming priest(s) of all temporal goods, accounts, books and registers kept at each parish.

  • Each Parish Priest / Administrator is to prepare a pastoral handover file/ manual which should include the following information:
    • All current staff, terms of employment/ contract (full time/ part time/ pastoral workers), current salaries / allowances;
    • A summary of any building / renovation / upgrading project;
    • The Parish Pastoral Plan.
    • Programmes / events / feast days for 2022;
    • List of all weddings in 2022, outstanding PNIs, CMPC presenters;
    • List of ministry heads and contact details;
    • List of BEC Coordinators and contact details.
    • List of PPC, PCC, Language Apostolates and PFC members and contact details;
    • List of hospitals (public and private) covered by the parish;
    • Any other special pastoral practices / customs or areas of care eg campus ministry, migrant outreach, orang asli communities, cemeteries, kindergarten etc.


Kuala Lumpur Central 

  1. Cathedral of St John - Fr Gerard Theraviam (PP), Fr Robert Kham (Priest in Residence) 
  2. Church of St Anthony - Fr Clarence Devadass (PP), Fr Eugene Benedict (APP)
  3. Church of the Holy Rosary - Fr Dominic Tan (PP), Fr Joachime Tan (Priest in Residence) 
  4. Church of Our Lady of Fatima - Fr William Michael (PP)  

Kuala Lumpur South 

  1. Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, KL (incl. Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health) - Fr Stanislaus Soosaimariam (PP)
  2. Church of the Holy Family - Fr Michael Chua (PP), Fr Bonaventure Rayappan (APP), Fr Philip Chua (APP - assigned for Mandarin Mass at Sacred Heart on Sundays)
  3. Church of St Francis of Assisi - Fr Paul Cheong, OFMCap (PP), Fr Francis Go (Assigned for Mandarin Mass at Good Shepherd on Sundays)

Kuala Lumpur North 

  1. Church of St Joseph - Fr Fredercik Joseph (PP), Msgr James Gnanapiragasam (Priest in Residence)
  2. Church of Jesus Caritas (incl. Chapel of Kristus Aman) - Fr Simon Lau (PP), Fr Bernard Hyacinth, SJ (APP)
  3. Chapel of Christ the Light / Chapel of Christ the King - Fr Peter Anthoney (Parish Administrator)
  4. Church of the Good Shepherd - Msgr Mitchel Joseph (PP), Fr Jean-Claude Lourdes (Priest in Residence)
  5. Church of the Risen Christ - Fr Edwin Peter (PP)


  1. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes - Fr Gregory Chan (PP), Fr Ferdinand Magimay (APP)
  2. Church of St Anne - Fr David Arulanatham (PP)
  3. Chapel of St Theresa, Pandamaran - Fr Paulino Miranda (Priest in Residence)
  4. Church of Sts Peter and St Paul - Fr Richard Anthonysamy, SJ (Administrator)
  5. Church of the Holy Redeemer - Fr Andrew Kooi (PP)


  1. Church of the Visitation - Fr Xavier Andrew (PP), Fr Kenneth Gopal, OCD (APP), Fr Philip Tay, ODC (APP)
  2. Church of St John Marie Vianney - Fr Albet Arockiasamy (PP)
  3. Church of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M - Fr Jestus Pereira (PP)
  4. Church of St Theresa - Fr Christopher Soosaipillai (PP)
  5. Church of St Aloysius - Fr Christopher Soosaipillai (PP), Fr Christopher Loh, OCD will assist with Mandarin Mass on weekends. 

Pahang - Terengganu 

  1. Church of St Thomas - Fr George Packiasamy (PP)
  2. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Fr Terrence Thomas (PP)
  3. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Fr Clement Lim (PP) 
  4. Catholic Mission -  Fr Dionysius Mathews (Administrator) 


  1. Church of the Assumption - Msgr Leonard Lexson (PP), Fr Biju Mathew (Priest in Residence)
  2. Church of St Francis of Xavier - Fr Norris Seenivasan, SJ (PP), Fr Alvin Ho, SJ (APP) (Subject to new appointments at a later date)
  3. Church of St Ignatius - Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD (PP), Fr Martin Then, CDD (APP), Fr Anthony Chan, CDD (APP)
  4. Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Fr Raymond Pereira (PP) 
  5. Church of the Divine Mercy - Fr Alan Pereira (PP), Deacon Michel Dass (APP)
  6. Church of St Thomas More - Fr Patrick Boudville (PP)

North West 

  1. Church of St Jude - Fr Vincent Thomas (PP)
  2. Church of St Paul the Hermit (incl all the chapels) - Fr James Gabriel (PP)
  3. Church of St Paul the Apostle - Fr V.A. Michael (PP)
  4. Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel - Fr Augustine Lee (PP)


Rev Fr Michael Chua
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur


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