e-Counselling/Psychological Consultation

Archdiocesan Mental Health Ministry 
e-Counselling/Psychological Consultation 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Malaysian Government has announced the implementation of the  Movement Control Order (MCO). This MCO action control may cause some of us to experience anxiety, fear and panic especially in the midst of recent happenings.

Realising this, the Archdiocesan Mental Health Ministry (AMHM) & Life Journey Wellness Center will be providing an online platform for the public to seek for e-Counselling/Psychological consultation. This initiative is to help the public cope with the emotional and physical stress that may occur during these tough times.  

In these times of uncertainty, let us remember that Hope is certain and continue to support one another in overcoming our challenges. 

Book your e-Counseling/ Psychological consultation appointment at https://SeekCounsel.ArchKL.org 

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