World Marriage Day

by Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Each year Worlwide Marriage Encounter honours and salutes the beauty of every couple and priest’s faithfulness, commitment to love and sacrifice in the joy of daily married life, and the priesthood.

This year, "World Marriage Day" will be celebrated on:

14th February 2021, Sunday, 5:30 p.m. Mass.
Presided by Most Rev Julian Leow,
Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

Mass broadcasted live on
the Archdiocesan YouTube Channel - 

Come join with us!

What is World Marriage Day?

World Marriage Day (WMD) honors husband and wife as the foundation of the family – the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice, and joy in daily married life.


unnamed 800x982Our World Marriage Day Symbol speaks readily of the role and values we proclaim. Husband and wife are symbolically seen as two candle-like figures, reminding us that married love calls us to help enlighten the world.

The couple is joined by a heart, focusing on love as the power that fosters unity within the couple and generates the capacity to be life-giving and inspire others to fruitfulness and unity.


Our theme for WMD has been permanently adopted as “Love One Another.” This phrase is the commandment given us by Jesus in John 15:12. It speaks to us in a simple but challenging way of how our Father wishes us to live. Loving one another is a daily decision, simple but challenging.

A World Marriage Day Prayer

as we prepare for World Marriage Day,
we thank you for your tremendous gift
of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Help us to witness to its glory by a life of growing intimacy.
Teach us the beauty of forgiveness
so we may become more and more One in Heart, Mind, and Body.

Strengthen our dialogue and
help us become living signs of your love.
Make us grow more in love with the Church
so we may renew the Body of Christ.
Make us a sign of unity
in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Brother.

~ Fr. Bill Dilgen, S.M.M.

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