Coats of Arms of His Eminence, Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez

The Coat of Arms of
His Eminence, Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez

The armorial bearings of Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez consist of a shield with a double-traversed cross palewise behind it and surmounted by an archbishop's green hat with 10 tassels on either side. The shield displays a fish, a chevron, a cross between four squares, all within a circle below which is a branch of an olive tree.

Coatofarms Cardinal1HAT AND TASSELS
These symbols are traditionally assigned to an archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church.

The name SOTER means "saviour" in Greek. As an acrostic, the Greek word for FISH yields the initial letters of the Greek words which read "Jesus Christ Son of God, Saviour" when translated. The fish symbolises the Saviour, but it may also symbolise the faithful, who must become like their Redeemer, Christ Jesus. This ancient symbol, which represents the Most Rev. Soter Fernandez in his Coat of Arms, has so much significance that it cannot but serve him as a sign of faith, hope, inspiration and identification.

The name itself is derived directly from the French, "chevron", i.e. a rafter of a roof. It represents the ecclesiastical institution as well as direction and guidance.

A very early design representing salvific justice. In the angles formed by the beams of the cross are four squares symbolising the four Gospels. The whole is surrounded by a circle (eternity). The cross in the circle represents the Divine Saviour whose sacrificial death on the cross the Gospels tell. The whole symbol represents the Justice (see Motto) which proceeds from Christ's death for all mankind and his resurrection making him the universal Saviour, winning for all men the power to become sons of God (Jn 1:12).

Eternal peace.

The Blazon of the Arms of Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez

Gules, a chevron or between a fish naiant agent and a cross between four square tablets all within an annulet of the second, in the middle base an love branch proper.

Keadilan dan Keamanan (Justice and Peace).

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