Update on Rev Fr Joseph Pereira

Update on Fr Joe Pereira – 20th February

Fr Joe has been successfully transferred to Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur where he will continue with his treatment. Doctors confirmed that his condition remains acute and that he requires both rest and rehabilitation.

In the meantime, the doctors have requested that there be no visitors apart from family members.

Let us continue to keep him in prayer.


Update on Fr Joe Pereira - 19th February

Fr Joe is making progress and responding to treatment. Under the advice of his doctors, he is still unable to receive visitors other than family members as he still requires adequate rest.

If he continues to make progress and upon receiving clearance from his physicians, he will be transferred to a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. At the moment, his condition does not allow him to be moved.

We continue to urge everyone to keep him in prayer.


Update on Fr Joe Pereira – 14th February

The doctors are still monitoring the progress of Fr Joe and providing the necessary treatment. They have given strict instructions that only immediate family members are allowed to visit.

We thank everyone for their understanding and prayers.

Latest Update on Fr Joe Pereira (13th February @ 12.30pm)

Fr Joe Pereira is still under observation and the doctors are continuing to monitor his progress.
We request the public to abide by the instructions of the doctors and hospital authorities to refrain from visiting him at this juncture as he still requires complete rest to expedite the recovery process.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

12.02 [2.55 pm] Fr Joseph Pereira is awake and no longer requires the use of a respirator. The attending physicians are monitoring his progress. We appeal to the public and well-wishers to refrain from visiting him for the time being as Fr Joe would require more rest to regain his full strength.

11.02 [5.00 pm] Fr Joseph Pereira is currently in Klang General Hospital. His condition has been stabilised and the doctors are monitoring his progress. He is unable to receive visitors. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Rev Fr Joseph Pereira, Parish Priest of the Church of Sts Peter & Paul, Banting, has been hospitalised after being taken ill this morning. As the doctors are now attending to him, Archbishop Julian Leow has requested for prayers for the recovery of Fr Pereira.

We will keep everyone updated on Fr Pereira's condition. Kindly refrain from forwarding unverified news.

Patricia Pereira
Communications & Media Relations Officer
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur