Every parish in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur has received a free subscription to FORMED.

Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute (API) has made available to parishes an exciting new digital tool, This “Catholic version of iFlix” can be streamed to your TV or mobile device. It contains some of the best Catholic content there is – video series, movies, books and study programmes – all to help you grow in your faith, find deeper union with God and share what you believe with others. facilitates personal study, parish-based small group studies, family discussion and outreach to loved ones who no longer practice their faith. It works in youth ministry, children’s catechesis, sacramental preparation, marriage enrichment, adult faith formation, RCIA, BECs and more.

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Download The FORMED App Today!
To enjoy your subscription to, download the free FORMED app and start enjoying great video and audio on the go.

Please visit or contact your parish to obtain the access code to start using FORMED today!