Talk on the 4 Dogmas of Mary

The "Talk on the 4 Dogmas of Mary" will be held on 7th June 2018 (Thursday) at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute (API), Kuala Lumpur. This session will be presented by Dr Steven Selvaraju. The talk is being offered to that lay persons will have a better understanding on the Church's main teachings on Mary.

Mother of God, Ever-Virgin, Immaculate Conception and Assumption

Date: 7th June 2018 (Thursday) from 7.00pm-9.30pm
at Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute, KL (behind St. Anthony Church)
Presenter: Dr. Steven Selvaraju

Participation is by a minimum donation of RM10.00. Light dinner will be provided. 
Registration if you are planning to participate in the session at API, Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Closing date is on 5th June 2018. 

- Call: 03 2026 6466 / 2022 0000 (office hours) OR 
- Online Registration (click here)

If you are planning to participate through our webinar (LIVE), please tune-in to  (with Q&A participation). No registration required.