Parish Microsite

Background has a new website. This website incorporates microsites for ministries and parishes. Microsites are pages which will house its own parish/ministries details that are pertinent to their audience.

Microsite also provides a level playing field for all parishes, whereby every parish will now have their own website. Parishes with existing website remain as it is, while parishes without a website will be carrying the url e.g. 

Integration of Basic Parish Info 

For a start, the microsite will house basic parish info. They are: 

  1. Mass Schedule 
  2. Parish Events 
  3. Parish Bulletins 

Above are basic pertinent information that most parishioners sought after from any parish. This includes any newcomers to the parish. 

This basic info is updated via Google G Suite parish email iD. Mass Schedule and Parish Events are linked to Google Calendar while Parish Bulletin is linked to Google Drive. 


Several parishes are already ahead by having their basic information on parish displayed online. They have been using Google G Suite parish email iD to contain this info. A clear example of why these churches went ahead by displaying Mass Schedule and Parish Events using Google Calendar is simply because this allows a user to sync the Mass or Parish Event info into their phone, and in return it acts as a reminder to the person. It also allows the church to adjust their Mass times, especially weekday Mass Times accordingly, when there is an ad-hoc or scheduled priest meeting /recollection that disrupts the regular Mass times. This becomes far more important for a church who has many chapels/mass centres under their administration, because these chapel Mass times cannot be consistent due to travel distance, impromptu traffic, emergency that needed the parish priest attention, etc. 

Churches who embrace such practices are: 

Upcoming Parish Events 

Publicity is key in getting the number of audience for your events. It can be formation, programme, feast day, or any other important parish programmes. For publicity, ArchKL has a very large number of followers. As such we will be happy to assist the parish in promoting your programmes. Both at the website, and also through social media. To submit your Upcoming Parish Events, kindly click on this link - 

Past Parish Events

Similarly, for past events held by the parish,if you have a short written article about the success of your event, please do share it with us, and we will publish it at, social media including upcoming New Evangelisation website -, at your parish Microsite page, and at #ArchKL newspage. 

Many write ups on past events could not be published at our printed paper HERALD due to limitation in number of pages and audience reach. However, placing an article online reaches out to a greater number of audience, not to mention getting a ‘guarantee’ that the article will be published. To submit your article on the events, please click on this link  - 


Why do I need to do this? 
Because these are highly sought after info by online users (parishioners/visitors) via the website. Good basic info equals to greater number of audience to the church. In reality, the church itself cannot escape from the reality of rapid digitalisation. Parishioners’ prevalent use of mobile phones have made phones a basic tool to retrieve information at their fingertips.

What if I don't update these info?
Your microsite won't have the info/data. Parishioners /Visitors who go to the parish microsite or search through search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing) would be left disappointed. Your parish will receive poor online reviews. 

My parish already has a website
It is fine for the info to be displayed at dual or triple websites. From a technical point of view, the more is better for web crawlers to pick up this basic info and displays it online. Furthermore, this is where Google G Suite (Calendar/Drive) simplifies the displays at multiple websites with a single task. 

Can I outsource this work?
Yes, If your parish has a Social Communication Ministry, you can share the calendar access/parish bulletin folder access to the ministry volunteers. And please ensure that they perform these updates. One of the crucial issues faced by churches is that their volunteers are not updating the info frequent enough. Our recommendation is to have a single volunteer for a single calendar. Volunteer A for Mass Schedule Calendar, volunteer B for Parish Events Calendar, and so on. 

On how to go about providing multiple access to Google Calendar and Google Drive to other users, the tutorial can be found through the link below.

For Google Drive 

For Google Calendar  

Does my church have a microsite? 
Yes, mirror based on your parish email iD ( E.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. parish email iD. This means that your microsite is  You can type in this URL ( on a web browser and it will bring you to the church microsite. 

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