#Covid19 Tech Support for Parish - Clergy

We are entering the fifth day of the Movement Control Order (MCO). A quick recap on how you can still get in touch with your ministry or fellow community members via existing technology that the Social Communications Ministry has implemented. 

Google G Suite - Meet
The beauty of having @archkl.org email iD, which all or most of you have, is the email iD is full G Suite Enterprise edition. As such, it comes with Google Meet, Chat and Hangout applications.

Between these three apps, the most common app will be Meet and Hangout. Meet is used for video conferencing, while Hangout is like hanging out with one or two persons. Hangout comes with video, phone, and chat message. Thus, if you can’t meet physically, you can start using Hangout and/or Meet for your ministry meetings and/or quick discussion with your fellow ministry members.

Tutorial on these two apps is found through the link below. 

Don’t give ourselves excuses that nothing can move because we can’t meet. We can use devices such as phones, tablets and/or your computers for Hangout and Meet. 

Updates to the Parishioners
We have integrated parishes with ArchKL.org. This means that all parishes have a website. It can be their own. Example: 

      • divinemercy.my, olgpuchong.org = own parish website 
      • Risenchrist.archkl.org, kristusaman.archkl.org = microsite 

Parishes who have their own websites, parish updates now appear on both - their own website and microsite. Example: 

      • kristusaman.archkl.org and kristusaman.org
      • divinemercy.my and divinemercy.archkl.org 

Why double work? It is not double work. Because they are using their This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to update all the info that is made available at both their website and/or microsite. One stone kills two birds. 

Is it necessary to have two websites? Yes. The more the merrier. More information is easily displayed and accessible by your parishioners. The search engine (Google.com, Bing, Yahoo etc) algorithm has changed since last year. Today it captures and displays all the websites including social media postings that are linked to your account and/or organisation, in this case, your parish. 

Moving forward - please use your parish email iD (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to update

      • Mass Times 
      • Parish Events 
      • Parish Bulletins 

Three crucial pieces of information that are highly sought after by parishioners. 

Up-coming & Post Events 
All parish microsites can display upcoming and past parish events. Similar updates also will be made available at the Around the Archdiocese section within #ArchKL. 

You can reserve these updates for important parish events which you may want to display to the general parishioners. 

The only restriction is, you need to use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email iD to submit in above. Submission through other email iDs would not be accepted. 

Connecting Your Parish with Internet
Thanks to mobile technology, this is possible now. You need an LTE modem + Mesh Modem. 

For LTE three possible subscription that comes with its own LTE Modem. They are: 

  1. Celcom
  2. Maxis
  3. Digi

As for Mesh Modem, you can opt for TP-Link Mesh Modems. You need a minimum of two units. Typically you need Mesh modem if your LTE Modem router has to be placed far away for better signal strength. 

TP-Link Mesh Modems

How to connect? LTE + (Out) Mesh -> (In) Mesh. First, place your LTE modem at a location where the signal is strong. From your location (Home/Office) try connecting to the LTE Modem. If can’t, add on the Mesh Modems.  You can place (In) Mesh in your office/home, while (Out) Mesh is placed together with the LTE Modem, connect it using a simple shortest network cable. 

Hope the above helps during this difficult period of COVID-19. Any questions, do let us know. 

Thank you. 

Fr Peter Anthoney 
Ecclesiastical Assistant 
Archdiocesan Social Communications Ministry

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